Tallahassee Writers Conference 2017

The 2017 Tallahassee Writers Conference and Book Festival presented by the Tallahassee Writers Association (TWA), has been scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2017 at the Augustus B. Turnbull III Conference Center at Florida State University at 8:30 AM.

This year, we are excited to announce that the TWA has partnered with the School of Information at Florida State University to showcase this event at the Turnbull Conference Center.

Digitally Enhanced: All workshop sessions will be videotaped and available online after the conference!  Now you don’t have to choose between two workshops in one timeslot.  Watch the one you missed online.

Thank you to the School of Information as well as to our volunteers and staff members for helping make this conference into a reality.

Listen to what past participants have to say about TWA’s Writers Conference:

My First TWA Conference – Darryl Bollinger

March 2011. At last, I had finally finished my first novel! I was ready to unleash it on the world. I had never attended a writers conference before and somehow discovered one in my own backyard. Perfect!

As a writer just ready to come out of the closet (I thought!), I wasn’t familiar with the names on the program: James Scott Bell, Chuck Sambuchino, Lee Gutkind, Cassandra King, and Katharine Sands,  a New York publishing agent. But, hey, it was here in Tallahassee, and it was only $150. Why not?

What an inspiration. I learned so much at that conference. All of the presenters were so approachable and willing to share with a rookie. I ended up at lunch seated next to Cassandra King. In case you don’t recognize her, she is a best-selling novelist in her own right and widow of the late Pat Conroy, one of my all-time favorite writers.

I met with Katharine Sands, and she kept me over my allotted time, asking questions about my novel and giving me suggestions. I also met the most wonderful people in Tallahassee Writers Association, many of who remain good friends to this day.

I left the conference with pages of notes and my head about to explode. Oh yes, and I also realized my story wasn’t ready for prime time. I quietly put it in my file drawer (where it still resides!), and started on the next one, The Medicine Game, which was my first published novel. Five novels later, I’m almost ready to release number six. My books have won multiple awards, thanks to what I learned at that conference and to the friendships I made there. Who knows? That first novel may still see the light of day.


Participant and Presenter – M.R. Street

I am excited to participate in the 2017 Tallahassee Writers Conference!  I have been both a participant and a presenter at past TWA conferences, and found they presented fantastic learning experiences and opportunities for networking.  I enjoy meeting other authors (local as well as nationally known), honing my writing skills, and picking up a new book or two.  Plus, it is a sure-fire way of igniting my writing muse!


Networking and Guidance – Donna Meredith

The TWA conference never fails to inspire me to write—and it provides practical tools, networking, and guidance to polish my projects and see them into print. Leading New York Agent Donald Maass told me it was one of the best conferences he’d been to—and he’s been to many.


Everything from Editing to Promotion – Amy K. Mann

“One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended was at the 2011 TWA Conference with Margie Lawson.  She presented a master class on Deep Editing Power.  The techniques learned during that one-day intensive gave me the tools I needed to pull my rambling novel together into a well-paced manuscript.  I learned to look at paragraphs in a new light, to balance description, narrative, visceral or emotional reactions from characters, dialog, and reflex.  Signing up for the TWA Conference was money well spent, and I learned techniques that have become part of my thought process, used every day when writing.

The group of thirty or so writers in the workshop wrote in a wide variety of genre’s, fiction, sci-fi, adventure, historical, and non-fiction, and at all levels of experience.  No one was disappointed.  I strongly encourage anyone interested in writing whether you have started a story, have ideas (but are not sure how to proceed), or are well on your way to being published, to attend a TWA Conference.  You will network with other writers, share tips and strategies for everything from editing to promotion.”

President, TWA 2017


Relationships you’ll Treasure Always – Lyla Faircloth Ellzey

As co-chair of the last two TWA Writers Conferences, I must tell you it was exciting and energizing and I had a blast participating in providing those great conferences. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

The Writers Conference this year is coming together beautifully with top-notch speakers and workshop sessions designed to provide information and the know-how in nearly every aspect of writing. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with editors and agents who will help you polish your book for publishing. You’ll meet new friends in the writing community and these are  the relationships you’ll treasure always.

Sign up today at www.twaonline.org and get your crystal ball rolling. The sky used to be the limit, but that went away with the space age. There are no limits now. Let the TWA Writers Conference help you be the writer you can be.


Award Winning Author – Marsha Lyons

Local attorney and writer Marsha Lyons who was co-authored three awarding winning books, Murder In One Take, Murder Take Two and Murder Take Three with an old friend and successful retired LA sitcom writer,  April Kelly commented that besides the workshops one  of the best things about the conferences is the chance to pitch your writing to one or more  agents regardless of what stage your work is in.

Since the time  to pitch is limited and it helps you develop a sense of what it is you’re trying to accomplish with your work.  I pitched to several different agents not thinking that I was going to actually  try to  get one to represent me but knowing it would help me focus and  know concisely what kind of  book I was trying to write. And it did it  several times to different types of agents and it was an invaluable experience!